Concrete Lifting and Leveling
Anything that saves you time or money is a good thing. Our concrete lifting method does both.

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

If you have cracking, settled or uneven concrete surfaces around your home or business you have a couple of options. You can either completely replace the concrete, which can be very costly, or you can choose an equally effective and more economical option and contact Ultra Concrete Lifting for proven concrete lifting and leveling services.

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Proven Techniques

We continually educate ourselves on the most current industry methods and technology and utilize these to ensure the success of every job we do. A common method we employ for concrete lifting and leveling is mudjacking.

Mudjacking is a process that involves drilling holes into the concrete slab that needs to be lifted or leveled. A slurry is then injected into the holes, which results in a hydraulic effect that raises the concrete slab to the desired level.

Finally, the holes are filled with a concrete patch material that hardens and is impervious to water, permanently repairing the damaged concrete.

Anything that saves you time or money is a good thing. Our concrete lifting method does both.

Mudjacking is quicker and more cost-effective than replacing a section of concrete, typically less than one-quarter the cost of a full concrete replacement, and you can walk on your repaired surface the same day!

Need a Lift?

Issues with cracked and uneven concrete surfaces don’t fix themselves, in fact they only worsen over time. Contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation for concrete lifting and leveling services from our professionals by calling (989) 239-1282.

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