Crawl Space Repair
Problems that begin in the crawl space affect the entire home.

Crawl Space Repair

Your home’s crawl space often goes forgotten, but problems that begin in the crawl space affect the entire home. Ultra Concrete Lifting has the knowledge and experience to assess and address any structural issues related to your home’s crawl space.

Common Crawl Space Issues

As your home settles over time, structural issues in your crawl space can include sagging beams and floors, foundation cracks, and foundation bulges.

Inadequate venting/air flow can also lead to moisture build up under your home that can turn into a host of problems, most notably dangerous mold and mildew that can get into your home’s air and cause serious health issues.

We can assess your crawl space’s air flow and moisture levels and add the proper venting needed to ensure a safe living environment for you and your loved ones.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have developed proven methods to repair your home’s crawl space. We employ the most up-to-date industry methods and technology to ensure the success of every job we do, and stand by our work by offering up to a 5-year warranty on the work we do. Contact us with questions or to schedule a consultation for crawl space repair services from our professionals by calling (989) 239-1282.

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